accidental reflections.

A friend recently asked me to help her take a few pictures. She had a specific idea that turned out to be difficult to explain and to achieve. It involved a couple of mirrors, that we tried setting up in dozens of ways. None of which produced the desired reflections for her photo. After an hour of failed attempts, she was ready to give up. I said we should just take the pictures in a different way, roll with the punches, see what comes of it. We had already spent so much time setting up the space, the lights, the wardrobe. In the end, I like the photos. The lighting was poor, the space not ideal, but that’s how the world works and I love it for that. Maybe next time we can make the mirrors reflect the way she wants them to.



4 responses to “accidental reflections.

  1. hi im konica just loved your work…

  2. way cool, very thoughtful, erotic in a mysterious subtle way. Nice narrative to give more meaning to the images

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