Black Dog

Black dog
In a gather of doves
Dark and earthbound
A whole other animal

I pine for your fragility
For your gypsy eyes

When the smudged wind blows
I am not taken
Not one strand of hair
Misplaced in the upswing

You ascend
Lifted, in concert
A blanket of white
And whispers

I envy your easy escape
Your nonchalance

I stand on hard ground
A menacing cloud
Abandoned by blue sky

You mock my craving
With your birdsong

Yet, a sacrifice is made
Always for my yearning
Wounded, slow
Or dull

A chance to redden my road
With vigorous shades of loss
To catch a bitter taste
Of liberty


5 responses to “Black Dog

  1. Nice one – enjoyed this one! Nice flow and strong images.

  2. Thanks MIke! I appreciate the comment 🙂

  3. Brilliant! I loved this 🙂

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