Death knocked softly on my door
So early this morning
I was aware of him for hours
And of the dawn
Rising syrup-slow
Behind his him

I wished for shades with my coffee
A respite from the dismal umbrella
But Death is no provider
We stepped under it
Arm in arm
And ventured out
Hungry children
Casting our sickly green shadows
Across the pallid face
Of daylight

The roads crumple and ignite
Like flash paper
In our wake
The pious sun closes in
Flared and spitting
Like a firebird
A whole world
Thrashing against our leisure

He leaves me
At dusk
Dressed in pearls and sorrow
Head swimming
In poison waters of longing
And far
Days from home
The living earth at my heels
Out for blood
And vengeance for his sins

Night falls
And I
Unburdened of faith
Masked and mourning my release
Wait once more
For dear Death to taunt me
To rouse me from my fever dreams
And show me something real


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