There’s an owl
In my midnight window
He haunts me, as a child
He hunts me
His eyes follow my fair hair
A beacon in the thin
Shadows of home

Shoved from naive sleep
By such a gentle wind
Stirred by the motion
Of sneaking wings
I jump from bed
And creep
Through his familiar gape
Hands splayed
Wide on the wall
Tracing my escape
Over velvet roses
And fleur de lis

With a hidden cage
He traps us
The lock is my spirit
Swallowed whole
Like a mouse
Through an unhinged
Snake jaw
Feathers stifle me
Deep into black star light
We jump and fall
Like pianos
And crash
In a screaming opus
At the bottom of the sea

Lost from
His sight and he
From mine
In the wreckage
Of dreaming
I sink low for hours
Covered in nesting
And bird bones
Lulled by a charming
Death wish
In the softness
Of my ripe mind
I hang on
A midnight déjà vu
From the tip of
A crescent moon
And anticipate
The voice, the hoot
The howl he’ll become
In his search for my
Easy grave

My captor and savior
Liberate me from your
Shallow nightmare
Lift us up
To a daydream
Wake me
On solid clouds
And cradle my
Dizzy head
Until I cough dirt
With the sunrise
And can disregard your
Ghostly visage
As It simply fades
In the flood of day


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